11 Units Bay For Colocation

The power consumption currently cost $ 211 per kWh.

All additional costs such as air conditioning, UPS losses, emergency generator, fire suppression system etc. are included.

Available PowerMonthly Charges
2kW$ 422
3kW$ 633
4kW$ 844
5kW$ 1055
6kW$ 1266
9kW$ 1899
12kW$ 2532

Server hosting colocation

Xentime.com provides reliable hosting for server colocation with 99% power supply availability and 99% cooling availability.

Services — Server colocation service provider Xentime.com

We provide the following services: Monitoring, Enhanced Monitoring colocation server, Hands On Support, Backup Space, You can buy broken HDD, Data Migration, server colocation etc. You can read more

Server colocation support 24/7

We can help you at any time support@xentime.com.

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Bay Description

  • 11 Units
  • 99% power supply availability
  • 99% cooling availability